Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Action day!

Cornelia made a reaaaally nice poster. You can admire it in the Forest Café.

But there are many things left to do: decorate de drop-box, leaflets, start maping, craft around to make material for a stall, think about possible links with other projects/people, keep spreading...

For that reason, we will have an action day this SUNDAY the 16th!
Please come along!

  • We will meet at 12 in the Forest Café to have a meeting where we'll organize and check on old and new action points. Discuss new ideas, and hopefully get some magic input from more people than just Cornelia and me!
  • At 1 we will head over upstears, for we have monopolized this week's "scrapage savage" to make maps and other crafty things out of recicled materials for the project.

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