Friday, May 7, 2010

Minutes from today

We had a wonderful meeting in the garden of the Forest Café! Fiona was also present.

-We discussed whether we should put our names on the poster or make it anonymous because we don't want to claim that much ownership over it. It's everybody's memories. However, with Fiona's opinion in favour as well, we decided we'd put our names on it because we believe it might look more approachable if there is somebody tangible behind it. And we want to reach out as far as possible!
-AP: Cornelia to do it. She'll take a map of Edinburgh and put information on it with white pieces of written paper.

-AP: Cornelia to do it, similarly to the poster. We decided to make them 1/8 of a A4 shit, so we can get more out of less paper! Yeai!

-Cornelia found a box, to be decorated.

-Neus set it up on Wednesday afternoon. Still to improve
-AP: Neus to write exactly what you're reading now.
-AP: Neus to sort out Cornelia to be able to write as well.

Forest Grant
-It's out there again for people to apply if they have interesting projects.
-AP: Cornelia to ask Nix or whoever how to go about it. We think this project is ACE!

-we were discussing the idea of having a form with the question: how do you feel about Edinburgh? With tick boxes of age, gender, amount of years in Edinburgh... to be able to map interesting comparisons on how people feel
-however we're not clear about it. It's an interesting thought but forms put some people off, and they're not in direct contact with people...

Spread the word
-we should go around asking people
-maybe get material for a stall ready, so to have in the Meadows festival or events of the like

-monopolize will's scrapage savage on Sundays in the Forest. AP: Cornelia to ask him. If he agrees, we'll decorate the drop box, do some nice cardbox stuff... get material to set action spots in the meadows... open to ideaas!
-AP: neus to make a facebook event when Will confirms. It'd be sunday next week from 1 to 4pm. In the hall of the Forest Café.

Go round day
-17th of May, Monday.
-We'll go round Community Centres, maybe churches, random people in the street...

This is it for now...
please spread the word
and get involved!!!

We'll confirm the action day and the go-round day.

Blue skies for everybody!

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