Friday, June 18, 2010

No rush, but no pause!

As we always say in Spanish!

Well, well...
Some memories have been arriving, but we need many more, we need yours as well!
Look around the blog or the facebook group for more info about the project, but do not forget that we want ANY sort of memories!
We're not trying to make another special touristic thing for the fringe nor anything like that, this is a starting project to experiment with the different meanings Edinburgh might have, just as Italo Calvino experimented with Venice in his great Invisible Cities.
Happy or sad, creative or mundane, short or long, young or old... all memories should have their place, life is never perfect, neither is Edinburgh!

The fact that our deadline is on the 30th of June is because we want to have the zine compilling all the memories ready before either Cornelia or I leave Edinburgh at different times in July. We want to have it ready for the fringe. We thought it'd be a pity not to have it ready for then.
That does not mean the project will end on the 30th of June, don't worry if you're late, keep sending things, keep spreading this project out, for it will (hopefully) never stop. For it will (again hopefully) be an ongoing project, developing and expanding with workshops in elderly clubs, meadow picnics and whatever comes to our minds that our bodies have the energy to bring to life.
Also, after having a sort of material outcome of this first round of memories, it will be easier to let people know about it, get more engaged... get more and more memories coming!

So do participate!
And contact us at with any questions, suggestions, cheers...
Cornelia is probably hanging around the Forest Café; I'm in Barcelona and other places, but will be coming back by the end of the month. =)

And, last thing, if anybody wants to participate in the making of the zine, feel more than welcomed to!
I will post specific details when we decide about a meeting time and place to get our hands on it.

Big blue warm hug from Spain!

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