Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Minutes from Monday 5th

Present: Neus, Cornelia and Flick (new incorporation, yeai!!) [why weren't YOU there??! ups.. probably because I didn't post it up... but surely you didn't check this often either!]

-We are not going to have it done before August. We're not aiming at tourists but at Edinburgh residents, so there's no need for it to be ready in August. Also, many people who lived here might come back, which means we'll be able to do more reach-out.
-Try to have it ready for Universities' Fresher's week.

-Places to go to get memories when we've (you've!) got the time and energy:
·other cafes apart from the Forest
·Community centres
[carry always a map with you, might make it easier to people sometimes]

-Action point for everybody: try to get a cool A3 map of Edinburgh (Flick's suggestion: look for an old one from the Library).

-Action point: Neus to try and contact Mike Bennet again for the online map he suggested.
-E-mail (spam) people again about the project.
-Action point: Neus to re-activate her facebook account so to make Cornelia admin of the EGE facebook group.
-Action point: review the e-mail and answer people who haven't been answered.
-We might try to have a stall in the Eden Festival (1st weekend of September)
-Action point: Neus to add Flick to the writers of this blog.

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